About Us


Muncan Food Corp. was established in 1978 by Brothers Tima and Jonel Muncan. The two brothers were educated in the art and science of smoking and creating meat products, popularly known as charcuterie. Charcuterie is the branch of culinary arts devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, bolognas, and pates. In the region that the Muncan family hails from, smoking and drying products is a time-honored tradition. Legend goes that their grandfather asked the brothers what they envisioned for their future, knowing that he did not wish for his grandchildren to work on the family farm for their entire lives.

When the brothers could not think of a response, the grandfather advised them that, although times may change and fads fall out of favor, people would need to eat forever. With that advice, the brothers went to trade school to learn this beautifully detailed culinary art and worked in one of the largest meat production sites in all of Europe. Through this process, they learned the most basic of skills, such as how to break down cuts of meat, to the most advanced skills reserved only for the “majstors” or masters of the craft: smoking and drying sausage, salami, and bacon.


Present and Future

Fast forward to today, and Muncan Food Corp. has attained a reputation of uncompromising quality and delicious taste that has gained national attention. TimaMuncan continues his presence, overseeing both store locations and ensuring vigilance for detailed execution.

Mike Stefanovic, son-in-law to Tima Muncan, has been responsible for all food production for well over 25 years, mastering the classics taught to him and introducing over 100 new staples to our catalog of offerings. His talent lies not only in being able to produce deeply authentic flavors, but in a strict adherence to cleanliness and an eye for innovation. He seeks out only the best raw materials and treats each ingredient with a respect that can be tasted in every bite.

Third-generation, Marko Stefanovic has since stepped into the business to continue steering it towards the future. With the knowledge of food production and culinary arts being taught to him by his father, Mike, and the business guidance of his grandfather,Tima, Muncan Food Corp. will continue to be a source of quality food for decades to come.